Another Asteroid Slips Past Earth


An asteroid, dubbed asteroid 2017 BX, about 13 to 46 feet across, the size between a car and a truck will zip past Earth on Tuesday night at roughly a distance of 162,000 miles and moving at about 16,000 miles per hour. This particular asteroid is small enough it would simply burn up in our atmosphere, but the scare is still out there because asteroid 2017 BX was only discovered on Friday January 20th, once again proving that we need a working program to catch these potential killers way in advance. It was just three weeks ago an asteroid the size of a building went between Earth and the moon and on Monday January 9th 2017 another asteroid slipped past. We need to do something about this. It seems that every other day an asteroid slips past Earth and all we do is report it. We need to know when they are coming years before, even the small ones. We have the technology to track them more accurately, lets use it.

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