Asteroid 2017 BS32 – What’s Next

asteroid 2017 bs32

It’s 2017 and it could be the year of the asteroids because once again, for the forth time this year, an asteroid, this time named 2017 BS32 has gone by Earth. On February 2, 2017, 2017 BS32 narrowly shaved our planet with very little time to prepare. This once again brings out the big worry about the asteroids that we don’t catch on our screens. It is almost certain that in the future an asteroid, perhaps the size of New York City, will smash into our planet. When will it happen, well, we do not know, but wouldn’t it be nice if we at least had a chance of spotting it heading in our direction.

Because of the frequency of these smaller asteroids so far in 2017, there was some concern that they could be coming from a larger asteroid that could have somehow broken up. But, according to Paul Cox at the Slooh observatory, that possibility that they came from a larger asteroid is unfounded. They found no association between the asteroids seen so far in 2017.

What can we do right now to stop the incoming asteroids of the future? We don’t have anything to stop them as of right now. What we do have is lots of ideas but no money put forward for those ideas. We need to first spot them way before they get to earth. That involves money so get on your phone to your local congress person and pressure them to keep funding NASA and ask what they are doing about this life threatening problem. More to come.

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