Asteroid Apophis Planned Space Missions

Asteroid apophis 2019

Will there be a special mission to Asteroid Apophis when it comes back around in the year 2029? According to the director, Sergei Ivanov, of Dauria Aerospace, the Russian version of SpaceX, there might be a possibility of an unmanned mission to Asteroid Apophis.

Asteroid apophis 2019The main question would be what could their real mission be, to help push it away from impacting earth when it comes back around in 2036? According to Dauria their mission will only be geared towards mining potential rare earth elements that are needed for hi-tech industries. But if you really think about it, is that the only reason they are interested in this particular asteroid or is there something more serious going on? Time will tell. More to come.

Asteroid Apophis is due to come dangerously close in 2029 and the earth’s gravitational pull could play around with it’s orbit causing the possibility of impact when it comes back around on April 13, 2036. As the year 2029 comes closer and closer we will see more and more news related to so-called exploratory missions to this asteroid but we will be told that these missions will be nothing but to see an asteroid up close and nothing to worry about. Let’s not worry yet.

Asteroid Apophis Planned Space Missions



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