Asteroid Day 2029


Friday the 13th, 2029

Just imagine this, at 4:36 AM Greenwich Mean Time on the day of bad luck, Friday the 13th in the year 2029, a huge rock, 25 million tons which is called 99942, or popularly called Asteroid Apophis could possibly impact Earth and if that happens it could cause an explosion the size of 65,000 Hiroshima Bombs. If that were to occur then it would cause a massive 800 foot tsunami which would bring total devastation to the world.

Asteroid Apophis was named after the ancient Egyptian God of destruction and darkness and on that Friday the 13th, a fews hours after into the night people all across Europe, Western Asia and Africa will look into the heavens and see what looks to be a bright star slowly making its way towards the west through the cancer constellation. Asteroid Apophis will be the first documented asteroid in the history of humanity to be clearly seen by the naked eye.

The question to be asked is, will Asteroid Apophis be more than a bright star in the sky?

1 asteroid

According to scientists, if Asteroid Apophis passes through a “gravitational keyhole” of a distance of 18,893 miles, there is a possibility that the Earth’s gravitation could pull on the asteroid just enough where when it comes by on April 13th, 2036, it could actually impact the earth.

If in 2029, Asteroid Apophis does in fact go through this gravitational keyhole, then we would have seven years to figure out a way to redirect the asteroid 5,000 miles, enough to just miss planet earth.



    The one they better find is the one that entered the atmosphere from the SE very flat on the horizon going NE in the late summer or early autumn of either 1966 or 67, and was clearly visible in the central massachusetts sky of Westboro, going NE. tHE aTMOSPHERE DID NOT burn up this bad boy., and I sure d0 not one to see this object ever again, as my child curosity has been replaced in adult hood with just how close we came to taking a major hit in the NE.. iT IS LOW AND YOU WILL HEAR IT BEFORE YOU SEE IT…PLEASE

  • Bob K

    Damn, I hope Morgan Freeman isn’t president or we are all in trouble!

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