Asteroid Just Missed Us And We Had No Idea It Was Coming!

asteroid 2016 QA2

On Saturday, August 27th 2016, astronomers saw that a 50 to 100 foot asteroid was coming and was arriving within a few hours where it would come very close to planet Earth. This asteroid became known as 2016 QA2 and luckily it missed us by a quarter of the distance from here to the moon. It was only three times as far into space as our most distant orbiting satellites. Asteroid 2016 QA2 was small but could cause severe damage if it entered our atmosphere just like the asteroid that burned up over a small town in Russia did back in 2013.

We are lucky this time, but it brings up an important question once again concerning the look out for space rocks heading our way. The question that has to be asked is – if we know that asteroid could wipe out our species, and it will happen, then why isn’t our government spending money on a constant look out program for potential incoming asteroids? Everyone knows that it is only a matter of time, why are there hardly any programs out there to watch the skies?

Unfortunately it will actually take a real impact and the loss of life for our government to get a good program up and running and come up with a system in place that would defend us from these incoming asteroids. It needs to be funded right now!

I hope it’s not to late. Just imagine that Asteroid 2016 QA2 was the size of New York City and it was indeed going to impact our world within hours. Would the news even cover it? It would somehow get out that we had an incoming doomsday asteroid heading our way but most people would think of it as an internet joke because deep down they know that our government would be protecting us, after all we all pay taxes and those taxes are well spent on the protection of our citizens, we have nothing to worry about! Right? Just something to think about. Maybe we should call our congressmen person to help us. That’s right, they are on Summer vacation right now. Oh well.


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