Asteroid Passes By Earth Today And This Sunday



Here we go again. Another asteroid up to a mile wide is due to skim by our planet today. Many media outlets were worrying people with story of doom and gloom, but rest assured that it will past very far from earth, a distance of 26 times the earth and moon distance which will lead us to say that there is no chance of impact from this giant monster.


Now the scary news, this particular asteroid is among the MANY asteroids that continue to be left in the dark due to our abilities in 2015 were we still don’t scan the sky enough to catch them all. What are we waiting for? Money should be pushed to scan the entire sky so we don’t have what others are predicting, dooms day. (Just a little side note.)

The asteroid is not considered by NASA as being a hazardous space rock because it doesn’t fall into the classification which is 4.7 million miles from Earth. NASA said that they could compute this particular asteroid 1999 FN53 for the next 3,000 years and still come up with the conclusion that it will never hit the planet earth. This asteroid was detected by the Lowell Observatory in Arizona.

Hey, don’t be sad that this asteroid will pass us by, yet another asteroid, 5381 Sekhmet will zoom pass us this Sunday, May 17th, 2015. But, once again, this asteroid will be pretty far away, a distance of 62.8 lunar distance. This asteroid was detected way back in 2003 from the Arecibo Observatory which is good, because it was actually detected, but like I just said there are plenty more for us to worry about. Another interesting fact about this space rock is that it is known as binary which essentially means that it is being orbited by a second space rock or what I like to call it “his little buddy.”

But stay tuned, there will be plenty of worry in the near future.

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