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Scientists Use Super Computer To Plan For Asteroids

asteroid apophis nuclear

Scientists in Russia are currently developing ways to protect the Earth from dangerous things in space like asteroids for example. They are using super computers to simulate what would happen if they explode a nuclear device on an asteroid as large as 200 meters and are figuring out what would happen to it’s fragments after detonation. They used Asteroid Apophis […]

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Asteroid Apophis Planned Space Missions

Asteroid apophis 2019

Will there be a special mission to Asteroid Apophis when it comes back around in the year 2029? According to the director, Sergei Ivanov, of Dauria Aerospace, the Russian version of SpaceX, there might be a possibility of an unmanned mission to Asteroid Apophis. The main question would be what could their real mission be, to help push it away from […]

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What is an Asteroid? An asteroid is a celestial body, small or large, which orbits the sun with the other objects that are in our solar system, things like planets. Most asteroids are smaller then planets and very few actually get to be large. Every year, literally thousands of new asteroids are discovered. In December of 2004, Asteroid 99942, now […]

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