Does Asteroid Apophis Have A Companion Asteroid?

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Does Asteroid Apophis have a Companion satellite? Because the size of Asteroid Apophis, there is a possibility that it might have additional satellites in orbit around it. But, because of radar imaging and other observations from optical light curve imaging they are able to determine that there are no larger satellite companion asteroids larger than 50 to 75 mm in diameter in its orbit.

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Asteroid Apophis has a slower then normal spin which means that it doesn’t have a fast break up speed which would have bits and pieces come off and orbit the asteroid. But from what they see presently doesn’t mean it did not at one point have companion satellites.

Asteroid Apophis is hard to track due to it’s orbit being disturbed by close flybys by Earth and other planets so it is difficult to determine it’s orbital evolution back in time very far which means that any past satellites that it might have had can’t be identified.
Asteroid Apophis, according to radar asymmetry using the Arecibo Radio Telescope and other RADAR dishes shows it being 325 meters in size and won’t be closer than 14 million miles and according to others will miss us. The Russians still think otherwise.


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