Hey…Apop this!


I have to tell you, Asteroid Apophis is really getting laughed at by the media. Asteroids constantly hit earth every month and it gets very little attention. It was not until the Russian scientists that said that there was a good chance of impact in the year 2036 the the news spread. The news spent about a half of a day talking about it then, silence.

In just a few years from now, Asteroid Apophis could be the biggest news story since, well, ever. Just image that if the asteroid did come around in the year 2029 and was deemed a threat for 2036, we would only have a few short years to prepare to intercept it, so it makes good sense that the Russians are trying to get a team together to actually prevent this global killer from even getting near us.


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  • t.correa

    to me…all the endowed input to our situation on our little rock that would ensure our plight has always been perplexed by the unabridged prolantrophy of a let say, even a gamma ray or sting of the most obvious impact to a “hit” on earth well it is nice to see folks out there are aware of this catastrophe …

    just an overly observant human… :)

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