NASA Sending ORIRIS-REx To Asteroid


On September 8th, NASA is going to be launching the ORIRIS-REx spacecraft, it’s mission to go to an asteroid and grab some samples to bring back to Earth. It will be the first mission of its kind by NASA. The objective is to analyze these samples in hopes to learn more about the early formation of our universe and perhaps give us some glimpses of how life began.

OSIRIS-REx stands for Origins Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security – Regolith Explorer. The asteroid in question will be a near Earth asteroid called Bennu which has the category of a B-type asteroid which essentially tells us that it is made up of carbon materials and organics which are used in the creation of life. This asteroid is also known to be a near earth asteroid that could impact our world sometime in the 22nd century. The study of this asteroid will be helpful when the future scientific community needs to create a future mission of defense against these types of asteroids.

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