Does Asteroid Apophis Have A Companion Asteroid?

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Does Asteroid Apophis have a Companion satellite? Because the size of Asteroid Apophis, there is a possibility that it might have additional satellites in orbit around it. But, because of radar imaging and other observations from optical light curve imaging they are able to determine that there are no larger satellite companion asteroids larger than 50 to 75 mm in […]

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Russian Scientists Plans To Aim ICBMs At Asteroid Apophis


The Russia New Agency reported in February that it plans to aim their intercontinental Ballistic missiles at near earth objects. According to news agency TASS in Russia scientists are planning to test their missiles on Asteroid Apophis 99942 which they continue to believe will be dangerously close to Earth in the year 2036. NASA does continue to rule out any […]

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What is an Asteroid? An asteroid is a celestial body, small or large, which orbits the sun with the other objects that are in our solar system, things like planets. Most asteroids are smaller then planets and very few actually get to be large. Every year, literally thousands of new asteroids are discovered. In December of 2004, Asteroid 99942, now […]

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