Scientists Use Super Computer To Plan For Asteroids

asteroid apophis nuclear

Scientists in Russia are currently developing ways to protect the Earth from dangerous things in space like asteroids for example. They are using super computers to simulate what would happen if they explode a nuclear device on an asteroid as large as 200 meters and are figuring out what would happen to it’s fragments after detonation.

They used Asteroid Apophis as an example because it is approximately 200 meters in diameter. They found that Asteroids like Apophis that come around many times before impact would be ideal to blow out of space, but this could cause a shower of very radioactive fragments. If there are many orbits before impacts there would be more time to destroy the asteroid further out, away from Earth.

Their calculations display that if they were to destroy Asteroid Apophis at a distance of 38,000 Kilometers it would require a nuclear weapon or device that would have the energy of one megaton of TNT. By doing this it would leave Asteroid Apophis into liquid droplets and gas and most of the pieces of debris would be no larger the 10 meters which would be the bare minimum to make sure it doesn’t effect those on Earth. According to, the nuclear device would be detonated behind the asteroid and all of the debris would zoom forward and the debris would come to earth raining down for up to ten years afterward.



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